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Peyngel Series - 1x02

Video Title: Peyngel Series - 1x02 Typical Love Story
Song Title: Love Story by Katharine McPhee
Fandom: One Tree Hill, Angel: The Series
Genre/Type: Constructed Reality, Drama, Romance
Pairing: Peyton/Angel
Characters: Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Haley James Scott, Angel, Cordelia Chase
Summary: After the events in episode one, Angel & Peyton keep in touch forming a friendship. Cordelia senses Angel has feelings for Peyton and convinces him to go to Tree Hill. After the game, Peyton gets an unexpected but pleasant surprise at Tric.
Watch It: Peyngel Series - 1x02
Download It: Peyngel Series - 1x02
Tags: crossovers: one tree hill/angel, crossovers: peyton/angel, fan series: peyngel
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